Clues Pages - Includes Spoilers!

1) Escape from the locked burial chamber

Push the correct brick

Look closely and you will see that each section of the wall has some symbols on it.  You should be able to find these symbols somewhere in the journal and decipher them

2) Trial of the light

Look closely at all the pictures that have a ray of light and you should be able to make out some hidden letters..

You should be able to translate the letters into symbols using the journal to identify the correct room

3) Trial of the Pharaohs

The clue in the journal asks to choose the Pharaoh who served the longest.  Throughout the journal there are some dates.  You may notice that they are different colours and you might want to try linking the correct colours.

4) Trial of the Canopic Jars

Each of the jars has four coloured gems.  The journal shows a number of combinations of the colours.  The clue in the journal shows a black circle means a colour is the correct colour in the correct location and a white circle means a colour is the correct colour in an incorrect location. 

For example, in the following clue, we know the following:

  • 2 colours are correct and in the right location (from the black circles)

  • 1 colour is correct and in the wrong location (from the white circle)

  • 1 colour is not in the jar you are looking for

Use all three clues to work out the jar with the correct combination of colours


5) The Stepping stones

In the journal you will find a series of numbers.  Each relates to a stepping stone number.  Put them in the order you find them to reveal the correct stones to step on to escape!

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