Solve the Crack the Safe Card

Clues - Spoilers ahead!

Where to begin?

Only one picture has no caption or letter. It spells the sequence of missing information for the safe

Instruction 1 - A

Add up the total of the weights used on the scales:

4+8 = 12

Instruction 2 - g

Add up the anatomy parts that equate to the Cherubs: See - 09

Hear - 12

Speak - 25

Answer = 46

Instruction 3 - a

The first clue says write the blanks with the correct numbers

Using another image with the same background shows the 'correct' numbers are on the front page in green

Using these numbers (1,1,9,4,1) to fill in the blanks spells out 'right'

Instruction 4 - p

Add up the total of red hearts in the images.  Don't forget to add the hearts on the playing cards on the back page.  Total = 8

Instruction 5- e

Add the total of the elements that spell NeAr and FAr

(10+18) + (9+18) = 55

What is Puzzle Card?

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