Solve the Murder Mystery Card


Doctor John Selby is the killer.  There were 3 facts that pointed to John:

  1. John boarded the train before the murder took place

  2. He had the correct amount of change on his person that matched what was ordered for dinner

  3. His suitcase was in the passenger luggage which was large enough to hold the murder weapon

Armed with the evidence, you confront Dr Selby..

'I confess, it was me. I didn't mean to murder her, I don't know what came over me.


I had read in the papers that she was thinking of ditching me for another agent but I never believed it.  Then during dinner on the train, she just came out and told me. 

I was so angry I stormed back to my cabin. 

She came by 10 minutes later and I just lost it.  I took my walking stick that I normally carry in my luggage and hit her again and again. 


I didn't plan to hurt her.  After I realised I had killed her I panicked and through the walking stick out the window.  

I'm so sorry.  I deserve whatever they give me.'


You solved the murder and caught the right suspect!

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