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Clues page - Spoilers ahead!

There are 3 key facts that are known about the murder.  Each fact will point you in the direction of further information that will rule out one suspect at a time. Once 3 suspects have been ruled out, the only suspect left will be the murderer.

Key fact 1:

The time of the murder

The coroner has indicated that the time of the murder was 19:15.  

The train timetable shows what time the train arrives and departs from each station.

Based on this you can work out what time each suspect boarded the train, one of which can be ruled out with this information.

Key fact 2:

The eye witness that likely saw the murderer with Ms Bouvais

The Head Waiter said that he saw Ms Bouvais with someone at dinner.  He stated that they ordered the lobster along with the steak, and that Ms Bouvais put the change from the meal in her partner's coat. Using the menu pricing, you can work out how much the meal cost and what change could have been put back in the coat.

Based on the cash in each of the suspect's possessions, one can be ruled out.

Key fact 3:

How the murder weapon was smuggled on to the train

According to the coroner, Ms Bouvais was murdered using a large blunt object.

Due to the size, it would have to have been bought on to the train in the passengers' luggage.  Using the image of the luggage, you can use the initials to see which suspect did not bring any luggage on to the train in order to rule one of them out.

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