You choose the right Pharaoh and the wall rises to reveal the final chamber.

At the end of the room you see four canopic jars, one of which is the jar of eternity.  Standing above them is Rufus and his henchmen, he beat you here and is about to get his hands on the jar!

Luckily they haven't noticed you yet.  Thinking on your feet you distract them momentarily and rush towards the canopic jars.  You will need to choose quickly the correct one!

canopic jar1.png
canopic jar2.png
canopic jar3.png
canopic jar4.png

What is Puzzle Card?

Bored of typical greetings cards?  Puzzle Card adds a puzzle or gaming element to greetings cards to make a memorable gift for friends or relatives.  Check out the Escape the Room card which requires players to solve a series of clues in order to escape!

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Puzzle Card

Greetings cards with an added challenge!