You grab the Canopic Jar of Eternity just as Rufus and his henchmen notice you.  You throw one of the remaining jars at them and they instantly turn into stone, the other jars must have been cursed!

Now it is just you and Rufus.  You turn to run but Rufus draws a pistol and points it at you.  'I should have known you would escape, how were you able to solve the puzzles?!  Anthony left you clues didn't he?  That stupid fool, he should have given me the jar when he had the chance.'  

'I think I will give you that same chance - Hand over the jar or meet the same fate as your father!'

Suddenly the walls begin to shake and the pistol falls out from Rufus' hand.  The temple is sealing itself shut!

You run towards the exit but one last challenge faces you.  A series of stepping stones stand above a gaping chasm.  You must choose the right stepping stones to walk across!


What is Puzzle Card?

Bored of typical greetings cards?  Puzzle Card adds a puzzle or gaming element to greetings cards to make a memorable gift for friends or relatives.  Check out the Escape the Room card which requires players to solve a series of clues in order to escape!

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Puzzle Card

Greetings cards with an added challenge!