You hop across the stepping stones and make it to the other side! 

In front of you a large stone door is sliding closed, you only have a a few moments to escape before the temple seals itself forever.


Before you leave you turn to see Rufus running towards the stepping stones.  He steps on the wrong stone and it crumbles away beneath him, leaving him to fall into the abyss below!

You turn and dive under the closing door just in time before it seals itself right behind you.  

Well done, you have managed to escape the temple!  


You head up the stairs into the daylight with your thoughts on where to go next.  There are still many questions unanswered, like where could your father be and what is the jar capable of?  You make a promise to yourself to find out.  For now, you find comfort in the fact that you have kept the Canopic Jar of Eternity from falling into Rufus' hands.


What is Puzzle Card?

Bored of typical greetings cards?  Puzzle Card adds a puzzle or gaming element to greetings cards to make a memorable gift for friends or relatives.  Check out the Escape the Room card which requires players to solve a series of clues in order to escape!

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Puzzle Card

Greetings cards with an added challenge!