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Where to start

After opening the envelope, certain letters in the note from your long last ancestor stand out in red.  Piece them together to identify what the 4 clues are.

You will need to draw one line on the map for each of the four clues by joining two dots 

Clue 1 (Creatures)

Using the photographs, there should be two creatures with numbers on the back of the photos.

Looking on the back of the ruler shows a clue for the first line that needs to be drawn.  

Clue 2 (Mirror)

The mirror photograph shows the reflection of some islands.  These refer to the islands on the map.

Looking at the map, you can see that some of the islands have been cut off.  Looking at the photograph with the signs, they say 'Look in the mirror'.

Try holding the islands at the edge of the card up to a reflective surface..

Clue 3 (Compass)

On the reverse of the compass, the letter H is circled.

Looking at the photograph with the star, the letter H correlates to a direction.

The compass shape fits perfectly onto the map.

Try putting the compass on the map and using the direction that relates to the letter H.

Clue 4 (Graves)

The photo of the graves indicates where the line should be drawn.

Reading the tale of the Treasure of Evelon Island, it states that the explorer headed in the 'direction that he could not see in front of him'.

Looking at the names on the graves, you should be able to make out 3 of 4 directions.

Whichever direction isn't included is the one that needs to be drawn from where the graves are located.

The location of the treasure

Once all four lines are drawn, there will be one location that is closely surrounded by the four lines.  This will be the location of the treasure!

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