Clues page - Spoilers included!

Puzzle 1 - Obtain they key in box number 9

Look at the numbers on the note next to the boxes.  Can you work out the pattern of the missing numbers?  If you can fill in the gaps you will be able to see which box number 9 correlates to.

Puzzle 2 - Login to the computer using the password

The coloured circles relate to the dinosaurs on the island.  Using the map on the back page, find the letter in each dinosaur name for each coloured circle and it will spell out the name of a dinosaur.

Puzzle 3 - Turn the electric fences on in order

Look at the colours of the dinosaur paddocks on the computer screen.  The colours match the test tubes.  Reading left to right, identify which letters go in the right order.

Puzzle 4 - Enter the confirmation code: The year on the jeep

Look at the number plate on the jeep.  Read the number and letters out loud and they will spell out a year.

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