Escape the Room Card


Can't solve the clues in the Escape the Room card?

See the answer to each clue below:

Clue 1 - The missing letter in the book

This clue refers to the phone book.  If you look closely at the image, you will see there is a letter missing.  The letters go: I, J, K, M, N

So the missing letter is 'L'

Clues 2 & 3 - Phonetic names

The text refers to two names that fit within the phonetic alphabet.  These are 'Oscar' and 'Charlie'

So the answer is 'O' and 'C'

Clue 4 - Spot the difference

There are 2 pictures on the card that are of the same item but with a subtle difference - The fireplace picture found on the front and back page.  This is also referred to in the email from Charlie to 'check the fireplace'. If you look closely at the image on the back page, there is a letter K on the floor of the fireplace.

So the letter is 'K'

Clues 5 & 6 - Sum of Teddy's number

If you look closely at the Teddy bear image, you will see that the bear's name is on his right foot: Ron.

The phone shows which letters correspond to which number.  So Ron equates to 7, 6, 6. 

Adding these numbers together gives you the total of 19.

So the answer is '19'

Clue 7 - Strange figure in the bar

This clue refers to the barcode on the back page of the card.

If you look closely at the numbers, there is one that stands out to the others.  The number 8

So the answer is '8'

Clue 8 - The addition of time

This refers to the time on the clock.  The time is 3:31.  If you add these together, you get 7

So the answer is '7'

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