The Escape from Dinosaur Island Card puts you right in the heart of a Dinosaur emergency!


Dinosaurs have escaped on the island and you must provide power to the security fences in order to restore normality - Follow the clues in the card to turn the power back on. 
Once the user has solved the clues to switch the power back on, they must enter their answers online to see if they are correct.


Designed with younger audiences in mind, this card is an easy card to solve compared to other Puzzle Cards.


Difficulty - Easy

This Puzzle Card contains colour based puzzles.  If you are buying for someone who is colour blind, we would recommend one of our other great Puzzle Cards.


Note: Requires access to the internet in order to enter the password on the Puzzle Card website.

Escape from Dinosaur Island Puzzle Card

  • The card is an A4 card, folded to A5 and printed full colour across all 4 pages.

    Recipients will need access to a computer with the internet in order to access the website to see if they can see if they solve the clues in the card.

  • The Card will be sent to the purchaser with an additional envelope to give to the birthday recipient.  Cards will be sent within 3-4 working days.

What is Puzzle Card?

Bored of typical greetings cards?  Puzzle Card adds a puzzle or gaming element to greetings cards to make a memorable gift for friends or relatives.  Check out the Escape the Room card which requires players to solve a series of clues in order to escape!

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