Exit: The Stormy Flight Review - Spoiler Free!

Exit: The Stormy Flight is the fourteenth Exit game in the series in the UK and pits the players against a malfunctioning plane mid-flight. The players must solve the puzzles in order to repair the plane and land it safely. The game has a 2 out of 5 difficulty which classes it as one of the easier games in the series.

First things first, the theme is very good in The Stormy Flight. We really enjoyed the plot and the puzzles were all heavily themed around the plane itself and how to repair it. The puzzles were generally positive, with a mix of them ranging from ok to very good. It is really quite impressive how the Exit games continue to come up with such innovative puzzles. It would be easy to revert to previously used puzzles but all of them still felt unique and some of the items used in the clues managed to elicit some great results – There was at least one Eureka moment where the team cracked one of the puzzles with something quite unexpected.

That being said, one of the components did manage to disappoint - One relatively simple puzzle was made much more difficult by a component used to solve it which did cause some annoyance. Aside from this, the components were generally very good and made for some strong puzzles.

Despite the 2 pip difficulty, we actually found the game fairly difficult and had to revert to the clues on more than one occasion (we played with a team of 4). There were probably 2 puzzles where after seeing the solution, we acknowledged we would have never worked it out without the help of the clues. Overall, our play time came in at around 1 hour 30 minutes so we would probably class the game at a 3.5 out of 5 difficulty.



  • Very strong plot/theme

  • Some good puzzles congruent to the story

  • Generally good components making for some unique puzzles


  • Difficulty may be harder than advertised for some

  • Some unclear puzzles with one made more difficult by the required component

Puzzle Card score: 7.5/10

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The views in this review are those of the Puzzle Card team. We sell escape room games on the Puzzle Card website alongside our birthday cards and are keen fans of escape room games. All reviews are written honestly as fans of the genre and are not impacted by the fact that games are available for sale via Puzzle Card. We have played numerous escape rooms and escape room board games but do not consider ourselves experts!

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