Adventure Game: The Dungeon Review - Spoiler Free!

Adventures Games are a new point and click style adventure card game from Kosmos, the makers of the Exit Series. The Dungeon is the first in the series and is suitable for 1-4 players, tasking you with finding your way out of a locked dungeon whilst unravelling the story behind the mysterious dungeon. We played the game with 2 players and believe that the game would scale well at all player counts. Each game is played in 3 chapters, taking 60 to 75 minutes each.

We really enjoyed The Dungeon as it felt like playing a whole new style of game, with a heavy focus on story which is personally a big draw for us. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the game is how much gameplay there is in such a small box; our game took around 3 hours in total and we played over the course of 3 sessions.

The game consists of location cards depicting a room within the dungeon, each with points of interest that can be interacted with. Then you have over 80 story cards which can consist of things like items or plot story that progress the game. As the game evolves, all the location cards are laid out to create a really visual map of the dungeon. This was one of the highlights of the game for us, the visuals on the location cards and adventure cards make the game engaging and really involving for the players, allowing them to buy into the story.

A large part of the game consists of exploring and combining items to solve puzzles, much like a point and click style video game. The level of difficulty was just right for us and the puzzles weren’t too difficult. Compared to the Exit games for example, the puzzles are much easier as the focus is on the story. Even when we didn’t know exactly how to progress, it wasn’t long before we are able to solve the next roadblock. One important thing to note is that the game is played in chapters, taking around an hour each. As we played over the course of 3 evenings, we did occasionally forget where we had previously investigated. We would strongly recommend using the adventure book to make notes so that you can refer to them later and avoid any downtime.

Another recommendation would be to use the free Kosmos app which reads all the story out loud via smartphone or tablet. The game comes with all the story text in an adventure book but to save a lot of reading, the app was certainly preferable for us.

Overall, we both really liked The Dungeon adventure game. The game was really interactive and solving a puzzle in order to unlock the next location was very satisfying. We certainly had some great moments when we worked out we had to combine two items together to solve one of the clues. The story progressed along at a good speed and whilst it won’t win any prizes for best plot, it was deep enough to keep us entertained throughout. We are now both keen to try other games in the Adventure Game series!




  • Very good story driven adventure

  • Really fun to explore, interact with characters and solve puzzles

  • A lot of game in a small box! – Over 3 hours of gameplay


  • Can be easy to forget key previous discoveries – Make sure to take notes!

  • Possible for downtime if you do get stuck on how to progress the game

Puzzle Card score: 8.5/10

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The views in this review are those of the Puzzle Card team. We sell escape room games on the Puzzle Card website alongside our birthday cards and are keen fans of escape room games. All reviews are written honestly as fans of the genre and are not impacted by the fact that games are available for sale via Puzzle Card. We have played numerous escape rooms and escape room board games but do not consider ourselves experts!

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